Energy Audits and Incentives

Did you know…?

Hudson Light and power offers free energy audits for home owners in Stow. This is a great
way to start planning for green, cost saving energy efficiency upgrades. Check it out here:

Home values increase with energy upgrades…

If your house was built before 2014 it may not have included the most current energy
efficiency building standards. Insulation upgrades, energy star appliances, modern heat
pumps and solar electric and hot water all contribute to increasing your home resale value
without increasing your tax base.

Incentives, rebates and tax breaks for you…

Hudson Light and Power, the State of Massachusetts and the Federal Government all have
ways to help pay for energy efficiency upgrades. Check it out:

Hudson Light and Power:
Database of Federal and State Incentives:

This is smart money. Considering the money you’ll save on your electric bill plus the rebates
and tax credits, your Return on Investment is outstanding! And not upgrading may actually
put you at a competitive disadvantage when it comes time to sell your home.

Slay pollution with smart money upgrades…

The money you’ll save and financial boost from Hudson Light & Power, the State and the
Feds aside, everything we do to be more efficient makes a better life for all of us. More
efficiency, less greenhouse gas emissions.

Go Green, Go Smart Money!