Sustainable Stow at Springfest


Members of Sustainable Stow participated at the 2018 Spring Fest by providing rides in electric cars and offering informational materials and discussions on how residents of Stow can reduce their carbon footprints.

Sustainable Stow’s mission is to build awareness and take actions to create a more sustainable community in the town of Stow. Initiatives for residents highlighted at our table included choosing an electric vehicle or plug-in hybrid for your next car purchase, adding solar power and heat pumps to your home, reducing your carbon footprint at home through every day activities, and promoting a green environment. Further information about these subjects can be found by selecting the top menu item, Greening Stow.

Thanks go to several Stow residents who volunteered to give attendees rides in their electric cars! In spite of inclement weather, riders’ experiences were enjoyable and informative. Electric cars are going mainstream and terrific purchase incentives are currently available. If you missed this fun event, go here to learn more.

Additional thanks to Karen Shooni, from Hudson Light & Power, our local municipal power utility, who joined our table to answer attendees’ questions about available energy audits and other programs. More information about residential incentives, rebates, and energy audits offered by Hudson Light and Power can be found here:

Are you interested in helping Stow become a sustainable, green community? Please indicate your areas of interest by submitting the form here.  Sustainable Stow welcomes new members and ideas as we push forward on new green initiatives.