Thinking about solar but still not sure if it’s for you?

Read why other folks in Stow decided to “take the solar plunge”:

“I’m cutting my electric bills by 82%” — Perry Hall

“Over the next few years, I’ll make enough selling solar credits to cover almost 3/4 of my system cost”. — Greg Ames

“I had been thinking of going solar for years and this was the push I needed.  I think the time is right, cost-wise, for solar electric”. — Steve Mong

“There are no longer any obstacles to going solar.  You can own the system with next to no money down”. — Ann Deluty

“I’m going solar to help the planet and my wallet!” — Steve Dungan

“After Federal and State rebates and credits, I expect to have a better return on investment than I get in the stock market.” — Robert Mong

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