Solar Coffee House

Questions about solar or the Stow Solar Challenge?  Come to a “Solar Coffee House” at Emma’s Café in the Stow Shopping Center next to Ace Hardware.  Discuss solar and share a cup of coffee with a Solar Challenge volunteer and a representative from New England Clean Energy.   Here are the dates and times.

  • Saturday, April 19th, from 8 am to 10 am
  • Wednesday, April 23rd, from 7 am to 8:30 am


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The Home Stretch

We are getting very close to Tier 5, but the deadline is approaching.  If you already have a proposal from New England Clean Energy, now is the time to act or contact them with your questions.  Also, with two weeks left in the Solar Challenge, please be sure your friends and neighbors are aware of this opportunity to save with solar.  At Tier 5, everyone who participated in the Stow Solar Challenge receives the maximum discount – and New England Clean Energy will donate a solar system to a non-profit in town.
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Stow Solar Challenge Information

The goal of the Stow Solar Challenge is to increase the adoption of solar electric systems for homes and small business through a campaign, driven mainly by local volunteers, and a tiered pricing structure that increases the savings for everyone as more homes and business owners in Stow sign up.  Find more information under the Stow Solar Challenge menu or follow the links below.

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Solar for all of us

You’re never too old for solar, as 90-year-old Stow resident Dick Luxner likes to say. Why Dick in office cropped some moredid Dick and his 88-year-old wife Ann go solar through the Stow Solar Challenge? “My dream is for my son and daughter to inherit our house, and now it’s worth a lot more. They’ll also inherit a $10 monthly electric bill. But, they may have to wait a while. According to my cardiologist, I may live another 10 years!”


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Stow Clean Up and Solar Coffee House

Spring is here! This Saturday, April 5th, is Stow Clean Up day. Pick up your garbage bags and free gloves at the Lower Common near Papa Gino’s from 8 a.m. to noon.

Afterwards, reward yourself at Emma’s Cafe in the Stow Shopping Center next to Ace Hardware. Emma’s is hosting a “Solar Coffee House” from noon to 1:30 p.m. Stow Solar Challenge volunteers will be there to answer your solar questions and share a cup of coffee.


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A solar installation in under 10 minutes!

Greg Ames, one of the first residents to sign up for the Stow Solar Challenge, took a stop action video of his solar system being installed along with a discussion of the components both inside and outside his house. Watch it here.

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A testimonial for our solar installer partner – New England Clean Energy

Carl Howe of Stow had New England Clean Energy install his 9 kw system and just posted on SolarReview. The full review is here. It is great to see this terrific feedback for the Stow Solar Challenge installer.  A couple of excerpts from Carl’s review are below.

“We engaged New England Clean Energy to do our solar installation because they had a reputation for the highest quality installations in our area. We were not disappointed; New England Clean Energy installed our 9 kW system under some of the most challenging circumstances I can imagine. The result is a solar power system that came in on budget and schedule and has exceeded our high expectations.”

“We started this project with high expectations for our installer, but New England Clean Energy exceeded all of them. We recommend them without reservation to everyone in our area.”

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Thinking about solar but still not sure if it’s for you?

Read why other folks in Stow decided to “take the solar plunge”:

“I’m cutting my electric bills by 82%” — Perry Hall

“Over the next few years, I’ll make enough selling solar credits to cover almost 3/4 of my system cost”. — Greg Ames

“I had been thinking of going solar for years and this was the push I needed.  I think the time is right, cost-wise, for solar electric”. — Steve Mong

“There are no longer any obstacles to going solar.  You can own the system with next to no money down”. — Ann Deluty

“I’m going solar to help the planet and my wallet!” — Steve Dungan

“After Federal and State rebates and credits, I expect to have a better return on investment than I get in the stock market.” — Robert Mong

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Stow Solar Challenge at Tier 4


With more residents signing up, the Stow Solar Challenge reached the “Tier 4” discount level.   Each tier represents greater savings for all participants.  For example, Stow resident Greg Ames, who signed up at Tier 1, has now saved an additional $3,000 over the Tier 1 price which was already lower than standard pricing.

The Stow Solar Challenge runs through the end of April.  The goal is to achieve Tier 5, the maximum discount.  In addition, at tier 5, a solar system will be donated to a non-profit in town by New England Clean Energy, the solar installer partner for the Solar Challenge.

The extra discounts are worth it for the installer because the company is getting a lot of customers in one town, which reduces its operational and marketing costs.

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Governor Patrick Supports the Stow Solar Challenge

Yesterday Governor Patrick tweeted a video on the benefits of the Stow Solar Challenge for the Commonwealth.  It features Greg Ames and Ann Deluty – Stow Solar Challenge volunteers.  Check out the full tweet here.  Or just watch the video below.

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